My home made Christmas wreath

My home made Christmas wreath

The joy of crafting is creatively satisfying and it’s a natural stress buster which is less expensive than any therapy. Today I am talking about a simple craft work I did with my daughter. The sole purpose of doing it was to get her away from the games and videos for a few hours and to spend some quality time with her. We took photos and short videos, all these help to preserve those memories.

I have seen so many pretty Christmas wreath and other home decoration for sale in the stores and online. All of them are really beautiful and wanted to buy all of them to decorate home. The idea of this craft happened after I visited my friend’s home. I saw some tiny cones collected by her daughter. They have painted its tip in white paint to give the snowy touch and it was really awesome. Also her little one has a project to make a wreath and so she has started collecting more cones. I got inspired by that and wanted to have a handmade wreath for our home too.

I started searching in Pinterest and other sites for wreath making tutorials and videos. I wanted to use the scrap materials that I have at home. Things I needed was metal wires, glue, pine cones, red and silver ball ornaments, green leaves and white flowers.

So it was almost mid of November and we went to park for daily walks. Kid loves to pick the cones from the parks. We collected the same shaped cones for 2 days and got around 50 of them. I had some craft metal wires but it was not enough to make a big wreath. Also I had to make many loops to hold the whole decorations. We had celebrated Diwali, the festival of light, had bought lot of fireworks especially sparklers, which is a handheld firework. Usually we discard the metallic wire of sparkler. I have kept it in a bag to dispose and later I suddenly got the idea to reuse this wire to make the loops. It was strong enough to hold my wreath. I immersed all the wires in a bucket of water for a couple of hours to take out the burnt particles from it I scraped the wires with an old fork to remove any extra burnt particles left and wipe it out with tissues. A three layer loop of around 15 inch size was ready as the base. Using the thin metal wire I hooked the cones and tied it to the main loop.

Next we tied the red and silver ball ornaments of different sizes which are used in the Christmas tree. From the back yard I cut some of the coniferous leaves to give a greenery. Finally added some white flowers which I took from my daughter’s Tiara which is not been used anymore. My wreath was ready to hang in the front door. Even though ready-made wreath and custom made ones are easy available in stores and online and even you can get the wreath with just green leaves and pick decorative ornaments of your own choice, the happiness given by a handmade craft is priceless.

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